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The FEC Festival_Reus European Short Film Festival register an annual average of 5000 films from most European countries. A selection of approximately 160 short films presented at the FEC Festival (including the short films from Competition and Panorama sections) is available for viewing via screeners. This selection is made according to the FEC Festival artistic criteria and therefore follows the same canons as the short films in Competition.

The organization provides the directors, producers, distributors or other people interested in watching the films, the Minimarket space, in order to visualize, select and contact distributors from each film.

The 2017 FEC Festival Minimarket will open on Wednesday 29th March to Saturday 1th April 2017, at the FEC Festival office (Plaça del Castell, 1, Reus), from 11 to 13 h & from 17 to 19 h.

If you want to attend the FEC Festival Minimarket, please fill out the form you’ll find next to this text.

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