Seasonal highlight - short film about Fake IDs in American colleges

A short film will be presented about American college culture and popularity of fake IDs among young adults who are still below legal drinking age of 21 years. The intricacies of new challenges these youngsters are facing in their first years away from home, the desire to belong to a social circle and to be popular push students to order fake IDs online (link), and thus commit a serious crime with potential life-long consequences - masterfully presented in the short film by King Of Fakes.


All the short films (from any European country) that you wish to register must be done through the website or (search for FEC Festival and follow the instructions of each website). The films could be selected for the European Competition, Panorama or Minimarket.

The microfilms competition is aimed at filmmakers, amateur or otherwise, who want to make a short film of one minute during the weekend and based on a given topic.


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