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Become a friend of the FEC Festival! Get the FEC card!
With this card you will be able to enjoy the Festival intensely and in first person!

  • Price: 24€.
  • The FEC card will give you access to all paying screenings at the Bartrina Theatre, without queuing. The rest of the shows and activities are free.
  • Along with the card, you will receive the FEC bag with the catalogue and other information of the event.
  • During the Festival, you will be able to enjoy 2 free drinks at the FEC marquee installed opposite to the Bartrina Theatre.

* The FEC card is non-transferable. Once your request is submitted, you should make a bank transfer to the account number sent to your e-mail address. The card can be picked up at the FEC office (Plaça del Castell, 1, Reus) starting on March 27th.

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